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The companies „Construct Data Verlag“ and „Expo Guide“ currently send forms to exhibitors of different exhibitions, in which they ask to complete or to adjust the contact data for the online exhibitors list “Fair Guide” and “Expo Guide”. The companies mentioned use names and brands of exhibitions and their organizers without authority.

A free entry is suggested to you – but the small print says that you are committed to pay an annual fee of 1’181.- Euros over three years. A withdrawal is only possible within 10 days after placing the order and only by registered post.
boerding Messe GmbH & Co. KG and boerding exposition SA specifically distance themselves from these dishonest methods of the fore cited companies.

Please exclusively use our online exhibitor’s handbook to place your orders and your entry for the exhibition catalogue. An entry into the online exhibitor’s lists “Fair Guide” and “Expo Guide” is not necessary for a participation in the exhibition.