Interviews with Exhibitors

News about workplace strategies and large office unit solutions

Interview with Prof. Lukas Windlinger
2016/04/06 - Interview with Prof. Lukas Windlinger "It is essential to have a clear vision of the future workstyles" more
Interview with Geneviève Morand
2016/04/06 - Interview with Geneviève Morand "Coworking cannot be described, it is more an experience" more

2016/03/31 - Interview with Yvonne Zurbrügg, XING "How do we want to work in the future?" more
2016/03/22 - Interview with Andy Swann "Workplace strategy is an incredibly important area for any organisation" more
2016/02/23 - Interview with Oliver Hauri, Lienhard Office Group "The digital transformation is the main driver" more
2016/02/23 - Interview with Domenic Meier, Haworth Schweiz AG "Our Approach: Activity Based Working" more