Sponsoring & Advertising

Sponsoring & Advertising

There are many reasons for sponsoring. Stand out from the crowd! With our sponsoring opportunities you can catch the visitors’ attention even more. Book the sponsoring that fits you and your company best.

Are you interested in beeing a sponsor at the Workplace Strategy Expo?

  • Main sponsor
  • Lecture-Sponsoring
  • Sponsoring-Networking Evening

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On-site Advertising

Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition catalogue will be printed and handed out for free to all visitors of Workplace Strategy Expo at the exhibition. It contains a short overview of the seminars, the alphabetical list of all exhibitors, the index directory and the hall plans.

Even long after the exhibition it is the essential source of information in print. Being a concise and reliable tool for research, it serves as a all-year refernce book to many decision-makers. Thus, the catalogue quickly and comfortably leads you to the right partner for any task. The exhibition catalogue is published on the first day of the exhibition.

Advertisement in the newsletter

Previously to the Workplace Strategy Expo we will sent out newsletters which reach out to approx. 10'000 recipients. Please note that the advertisement slots are limited to 3 per newsletter.

Entry in the index directories

The most important tool to make potential customers aware of your offers is an entry in the product-groups directory. Looking through the exhibition catalogue is an easy way for visitors to collect information on exhibitors and their services. Don`t run the risk of letting potential customers slip away to competitors because you missed your entry in the directory. Without an entry in the product directory you will not be found by customers who search the directory by product.

Visitors´ Lanyards

After registration at the fair, each visitor will receive a personalized badge they wear on a lanyard around their neck. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to advertise and present your company through this prominent display directly to the visitors!

Exhibition bags

At the entrance to the fair each visitor receives a bag with your company logo. The bag is filled with the exhibition catalog and exhibition guide as well as other important information you may provide. The bags can be customized upon request.

Logo on the hall plan in the exhibition catalogue

The exhibition catalogue contains a hall plan. It is used by every visitor for orientation at the exhibition. Catch their eye by placing your logo on the hall plan in the exhibition catalogue and attract more potential customers to your stand.

Insertion in the Forums

Do you have a stand in the vicinity of a forum? Then this form of advertising is exactly right for you! Between lectures, we are projecting your ad in the Practice Forum. This form of advertising is available in all five practical forums per day.


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