We are entering one of the most exciting periods of change within the workplace: New working models have developed, influenced by digital communication technologies and by the work style of young professionals. Accommodating those evolving work styles poses a major challenge to companies whose success is based on the performance of their knowledge workers.

In order to be able to tap their full potential, employees need environments that enhance engagement, creativity, collaboration, health and wellbeing. Companies competing for the best talents begin to recognize the benefits of changing outdated workspaces and company cultures. Workplace Strategy Expo aims at providing them with competent partners and inspiration.

From the outset, Kinnarps’ philosophy has been that the workplace should adapt to people, not the other way around. It’s about creating a flexible working environment that is attractive and inclusive, and which enables organisations to find and retain talent. This calls for inclusive design and will be a decisive success factor for the workplace of the future. In order to get the people working at their full capacity, everyone needs the opportunity to fulfil their potential, irrespective of needs, age, weight, height and language. Therefore, you have to begin from extremes and not take a “man in the street” approach when furnishing a workplace. As Sales Director of Kinnarps Zurich, I am convinced that Workplace Strategy Expo will be an eye-opener and change-maker for everyone involved.
Michelle C. Petit-Eberle, Sales Director Zürich Kinnarps Suisse SA

The spatial design of office worlds can greatly influence employees' well-being and productivity. The interaction between organisation, space, technology and people is very complex. The Personal Swiss trade show for HR decision-makers and the development of Workplace Strategy Expo offer us a variety of options when it comes to dialogue focused on trends and concepts in office and workplace design.
Bettina Atzgerstorfer, Workplace Consultant, Vitra AG

The 2015 edition of the Personal Swiss Fair in Zurich provided Bene with a fantastic platform to meet HR professionals and decisions makers, creating new opportunities to meet our target users. The newly created New Work spaces zone was perfectly aligned with our company’s philosophy of implementing inspiring and forward-thinking office concepts for knowledge workers. We’re excited that the show’s expansion and growing international focus will see even more high quality companies taking part, positioning the Workplace Strategy Expo as a leader in innovative workplace.
Julia Joly, Marketing Manager International Bene AG


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