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  • Call for Papers

    Call for Papers

Recently we announced the extension of our portfolio. We strongly believe that publishers in media outlets as well as corporate publishers and marketing professionals across all industries need to take a more holistic approach for their content: How can we combine a creative process of content production with new technologies for distribution and management, such as AI, Datamining and smart data? How can we distribute good content across different channels and adapt it especially for mobile consumption? And how do we find new business models? Therefore we launched a new stage and now call for the submission of presentation concepts.

Do you have an idea or best practice example that illustrates the future of content in a holistic and cross-functional way? Then you have until 13 July to submit your proposal for #DCXexpo! 

You can submit proposals for the following topics:

  • New Technologies
  • Content Marketing
  • Omni-Channel
  • Mobile Content
  • Datamining & Smart Data
  • Next Content Business
  • Corporate Publishing
  • Connecting solutions for eCMS, PIM, DAM, CRM and ERP

How can you submit a topic proposal?

To submit a topic proposal, please complete the form at by 13 July 2018 at the latest. The length of the presentation will be 30 to 45 minutes. The DCX programme team undertakes the selection of the submissions and will contact the successful applicants to inform them that their proposal will be included in the programme.

Who is allowed to take part in the Call for Papers?

  • Media makers from companies and organisations
  • Corporate Publishers and Marketing Professionals
  • CIOs, CTOs and further decision-makers from the technology departments of companies across all industries
  • Research experts from universities researching aspects of Publishing, Media, Marketing and IT

Please note: Suppliers of products, services and consultancy services for content production, distribution, management, monetisation and content services are excluded from this process. Here providers can request more information about the possibilities for exhibiting and presentations at the expo.

What target group will you be able to reach with your submission?

  • Managing Directors, CEOs, Presidents
  • Sales- and Marketing Managers
  • Technical and Production Directors
  • Editors in Chief, Managing Editors and Editors
  • Business Development Managers
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Corporate Publisher, Communications Officers
  • Publisher