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  • Print Innovation Award

World Printers Forum to present “Print Innovation Awards”

The World Printers Forum, the print community of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers WAN-IFRA, announced a new contest: the Print Innovation Awards. The prize for innovations of newspapers and magazines will be presented on the first exhibition day of the IFRA World Publishing Expo. 

Innovations in the publishing industry are not confined to the digital sector, but are also to be found in print. In order to demonstrate this even more strongly to a wider public worldwide, the World Printers Forum has now launched the Print Innovation Awards. By doing so, the Board of WAN-IFRA’s World Printers Forum has closed a gap: There are many media prizes as well as regional print awards, but to date no worldwide competition with a clear focus on innovative print projects. 

The “Print Innovation Awards” competition honours the most highly innovative print ads as well as newspaper and magazine publishers’ products worldwide and is open to newspaper and magazine publishers as well as advertisers or advertising agencies. 

The Print Innovation Award is presented in two categories:

  • Innovative print advertising, including print-online ads or multi-channel ads

  • Innovative print products, new or newly designed products

A jury of international experts evaluates the submitted products. Gold, silver and bronze prizes are awarded in each category. Outstanding products receive international recognition – at the stage of the IFRA World Publishing Expo, in a special brochure and at international events. Successful case studies will be presented also at the World Printers Forum Conference 2019. The online competition is open since 14 May.

“Innovation as strategy creates new wealth producing potential for publishers and further enhances the Power of Print. The Print Innovation contest is a great platform to synergise this effort and learn from each other,” emphasises Sanat Hazra, Technical Director at Bennett, Coleman & Co (The Times of India Group) from Mumbai, India.