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Review Line Up 2016

Keynote EN

Coworking: the journey of the hero

When you enter for the first time in a coworking space, you are crossed by a shiver because you feel that in that place everything is possible ! Why ? What are these invisible factors which produce this energy ? What makes this space so special ? How can this “Coworking effect” be reproduced in ...
In a world in mutation, the organizations also require to change. Change what ? The structure ? The culture ? The organization ? It will never be enough. Because this change concerns also each of us. On a personal level, we have to become the change we want to see in the world. This level of change ...
Lecture DE

Connected Lighting – Innovative and Intelligent Office Lighting Solutions

The future office: trends and future requirements of employees and buildings. How can we create a working environment that is both, flexible and competitive? The role of lighting in an integrated network goes far beyond mere illumination.
Presented by: Philips Lighting Switzerland AG
Lecture DE

Tips and key figures for a strong office: Inspire people, improve performance, reduce costs.

Findings from our research and practice prove: An attractive office environment with freely selectable workplaces that are optimally matched to the relevant activities, will lead to clear improvements in motivation, productivity and cost efficiency. Learn from concrete examples why 81% of the ...
Topic: Increase in productivity New Workspaces & Workplace Strategies
Target audience: HR officer from public sector Managing director /responsible for personnel
Hot Chair EN

Commercial Real Estate and dematerialization of the workplace

Workplace Strategy Management and Commercial Real Estate must work hand in hand to bring appropriate new solutions to work environments that use digital technologies to work better and smarter.
Keynote EN

Effective workplaces – it's time to rethink workplace strategies

Workplaces have been taken as a given and have been managed as containers for employees. Current evidence-based developments in workplaces strategy emphasise the contributions of workplaces to business objectives. This shift from efficient to effective workplace management requires a new view of the ...
Topic: New Workspaces & Workplace Strategies
Lecture DE

Important factors to consider when designing office spaces

For organisations to be able to offer their employees a future-oriented work environment, there has to be a balance between the factors of space, technology, organisation and human resources. In this talk, you will learn how decision-makers can successfully overcome this challenge.
Topic: New Workspaces & Workplace Strategies
Target audience: Managing director /responsible for personnel
Hot Chair EN

UBS Workplace Now, Lessons Learned

Developing and implementing non-territorial solutions for 10,000 employees transformed how UBS operates. The vast experience of transforming how work is done at UBS is pertinent to all decisions makers.
Panel Discussions EN

How Workplace Strategy Management benefits the Triple Bottom Line

Success today in the Fourth Industrial Revolution depends on providing Knowledge Workers with work environments that remove barriers to performance. No organization can afford to ignore the benefits of implementing today's best workplace strategies.
Presented by: boerding exposition SA
Keynote EN

Are workplaces working?

For five years Leesman has measured just one thing, just one way: how workplaces support the work of the employees they accommodate. The Leesman Index has gathered data from over 1200 corporate workplaces and now has over 100,000 lines of data, resulting in the largest collection of workplace ...

In 2010 Leesman set out with a singular objective – to examine at a depth and consistency never before attempted, exactly how corporate workplaces support organisational performance. Our standardised activity analysis technique quickly maps how employees are interacting with the environments and ...
Panel Discussions DE

Besser leben. Anders arbeiten – Aufbruch in eine neue Arbeitswelt

Wo und wie Arbeit schon heute neu gedacht und gelebt wird, stellt Ihnen XING in der New Work Session "Aufbruch in eine neue Arbeitswelt" vor. Teilnehmer und Preisträger des XING New Work Awards präsentieren in Kurzimpulsen innovative Konzepte, Ideen und Learnings und geben einen ersten Einblick in ...
Lecture DE

Trends am Arbeitsplatz – Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft

Topic: New Workspaces & Workplace Strategies
Hot Chair EN

How workplace trends impact work environments

How workplace trends based on professional research and survey technology impact work environments, people and organizational results
Lecture DE

Gute Raumakustik im open space - ein Widerspruch!?

- Wissen über den Schall im Raum
- Nachhallzeit und Schalldruckpegel
- Direktschall, Reflexions- uund Streuschall, Hörsamkeit, Sprachverständlichkeit
- Frequenzen tief - hoch
- Akustikmessungen und Berechnungen
- Was hat der Raum und die darin verbauten Materialien für einen ...
Topic: New Workspaces & Workplace Strategies
Required level of knowledge: Previous knowledge necessary
Target audience: Personalmanager aus der Wirtschaft Managing director /responsible for personnel
Hot Chair EN

Concentration and Teamwork

Concentration and Teamwork, the importance of designated areas for withdrawal and communication in an open space
Keynote EN

Making Change Human: Connecting People with Their Workplace

Workplace change is a major challenge. When managed effectively to include everyone, it becomes a major opportunity. Workplaces are first and foremost about creating the place and space for people to thrive. Helping them to positively understand, anticipate and own a change creates more than a ...
Most change approaches focus on the A to B of change, often ignoring the important human aspect. Andy will present the real factors that are in play when change happens, how to address them and create a unique approach, just for your organization. Each change project is part of ongoing workplace ...
Topic: New Workspaces & Workplace Strategies
Lecture EN

The Living Office - A new Landscape of Work

In businesses around the world the workforce is changing. The expectations of workers are changing. How work gets done is changing. The tools of work are changing. The work itself is changing. There is a new landscape of work. At Herman Miller, we are working with the world's leading thinkers and ...